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With global trade and hanseatic values we create the world of the future together.

SOMA Handels GmbH – Hamburg, Germany

Parent Company:
Bumaru International Pte. Ltd. – Singapur

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German Roots. Global Network.

Driven by the reality of our intensely networked world, SOMA Handels GmbH was founded in Hamburg, Germany. With one of the most important ports in Europe and a container turnover of around 9.3 million standard containers in 2019, the Hamburg location was deliberately chosen to connect Europe to our global network. Even before SOMA was founded, we had build extensive contacts here and fallen in love with the unique Hanseatic city.

As a global trading company Hamburg, Germany and Europe are only part of our network. Via our parent company BUMARU International with headquarters in Singapore and further locations in Vietnam and South Korea, we have access to an international network that is growing every day. We benefit from strong relationships and established partnerships around the world, especially in Southeast Asia.


Founded in Germany, headquarters in Hamburg. SOMA Handels GmbH is ideally positioned to process your requests and orders efficiently.

Traditional values of the Hanse merchants

The origin of the true Hanse merchants can be tracked to the late 1100s. With a strong foundation of values and shared goals merchants from Germany and Central Europe formed a remarkable league that dominated Baltic maritime trade. These same values of reliability, honesty, decency and responsibility are the guidelines for our company today. Here in the Hanseatic City of Hamburg we still believe that it’s the handshake that counts.


Benefit from our global network and established partnerships with some of the most important manufacturing locations in the world.


Our parent company Bumaru International Pte. Ltd. has its headquarters in Singapore, as well as further locations in Vietnam and South Korea. This gives us a decisive advantage when working with manufacturers in Southeast Asia.


Take a look at our corporate presentation for 2020 to get a detailed overview of the Soma Handels GmbH. Find out more about our portfolio, certifications and our services.

Your connection to a global trading network.

Our parent company is Bumaru International Pte. Ltd. with headquarters in Singapore and other global locations such as Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam or Seoul, South Korea. Together we maintain a network of contacts, production facilities and partnerships, which extends all over the world with a special focus on the Southeast Asian region.

Business Divisions

We are constantly looking for new opportunities to exceed our customers’ demands.


Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

We work with various manufacturers to provide high quality protective clothing and equipment. From surgical masks for medical use over protective gowns to nitrile gloves, health and safety is a priority for us.


Medical Equipment

Thanks to innovation and technology, there are a wide range of treatment methods available. The fast availability of state-of-the-art medical equipment is more important than ever.



Arguably one of the greatest achievements of mankind. We are committed to bringing new and safe vaccines to countries and people around the world and help save lives.


Cosmetics & Care

Our portfolio of cosmetics and care products is growing steadily and includes disinfectants, care products and cosmetics for body, skin and hair, sun protection and wellness products.


Nutritional Supplements

We believe in modern nutrition for a modern lifestyle. New and modern nutritional supplements can play an important role in improving and securing the health and well-being of the global population.

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Our Service For You

As a trading company with Hanseatic roots, global partners and a parent company in Singapore, we are aware of our responsibility and invest daily in some of the most important values of our company. We value quality, reliability, efficiency and punctuality. Together with our partners, we are constantly working to live up to these values and we are convinced that this is a key to our services, with which we regularly exceed the expectations of our customers.

Timeless Values

We are convinced that, especially in our global world, values such as reliability, decency and responsibility are of significant importance. In our Hanseatic City of Hamburg, we have grown up with these timeless business values and have established them as guidelines for our company.


In the medical and health sector in particular, we have strict and high quality requirements, which we regularly review and adjust together with our partners and customers. For us, reliable quality is the foundation of a long-term partnership.


We only work with proven and established manufacturers for whom reliability has the highest priority.


Thanks to our direct connections to central regions in Southeast Asia, we avoid long waiting times and delays. Our partners, with whom we are in constant contact, speak directly and on site with producers and suppliers.


Our values are also reflected in our service. Our German and English speaking team is at your disposal at any time and will be happy to take care of your individual needs.



Careers at SOMA

  • We work success-oriented and value results, reliability and ideas.
  • We believe in hard work to achieve our goals together.
  • Are you ready to do your part and create new opportunities for us and our customers?

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